M1studios has a fully integrated facility for producing all multimedia requirements for clients who are in need of services right from story-board creation until the final product delivered. Our expertise has hands on experience in producing TVC’s, Corporate Films, E-Catalogues and 2D/3D animation supports. Our clients have always been satisfied with our work and we keep working until they are fully satisfied. We deliver what our clients want and keep striving to reach perfection.

If television advertising is a versatile way for companies to promote their products and services, then M1studios believes in accelerating that process.

By dint of its creatively scripted, powerfully visualized and efficiently produced television commercials, it ensures that every TVC that it produces is human and friendly without being insincere and boring.

However, since research has proven that there is no correlation between people liking a commercial and being sold by them, it’s always a tight rope walk for the experienced creative team at M1studios to come up with the Big Idea every time, that can be at once entertaining and enterprising enough to make the viewer buy into the idea.

Insightful, interesting & introspective expositions – that’s the bottom line for every corporate film that’s produced by M1studios - no matter how the treatment note is translated. At M1studios, corporate films is all about letting real people tell real stories- within the framework of a compelling script.

As the technology advances day-by-day the innovation takes a new dimension to cater to the needs. Creative Communications eases the strain of selling of any product we may think of. Converting conventional marketing communication material to E-Catalogue will really enable monotonous process in sales right from pitching until finalized. In E-catalogue you can cover all aspects of your products/services right since emphasizing the features of the product and the FAQ’s of most commonly asked questions by the client or the customers. We at media one will give expert platform of creativity in correlation with the business you are in.

We have produced E-Catalogues for client using combinations of multimedia tools HCL, Extenzo, Altech, Expaans, Smart Kitchens, Semnox, Vivekananda Prakasan Trust, Seva Bharathi are to name a few.

M1studios, 3d Studio, located in Chennai, has opened the door to state-of-the-art performance capture services designed to give a new life into your animation. We specialize in 2D and 3D graphics and animation for video and film, with an emphasis on special visual effects.

Our company has worked for numerous clients. We do everything and by everything we mean from storyboard to the construction of the final products.

M1studios is capable of creating and developing 2D and 3D animations, using the correct blend of colours, music, and voice. The product outcome provides a realistic animation that is quite close to live effects.

At M1studios new technologies are imbibed and assimilated on a day to day basis to reach a newer level of creative and technological excellence in the field of 2D and 3D animation. We utilize the finest equipment available in the industry, offer efficient data delivery and unrivalled quality compared to our competition. It is our promise to you that we will not stop working until you are satisfied, all with great Indian hospitality, exhaustive client services and competitive rates.

3D graphic animations including animated 3D models are a great way to bring to life an idea or design that is still on the drawing board or just difficult to describe with words. 3D animations can make visual that which is invisible or hard to conceive. You have a chance to preview and experience your vision before a major investment is made to produce the reality.

M1studios will provide you exactly what you have imagined. We will try to bring more life to your product and bring it more to reality using 3D technology. We are experts in architectural, character animations, prototypes, and interactive and industrial 3D products. Over the years we have made a name for our work.

M1studios will provide a full suite of animation services to bring to life to exactly what you have imagined and more. Be it architectural, characters, prototypes, or interactive industrial 3D products- from concept design to cutting edge 3D animation.

Our reputation for creativity and delivery keeps us in year round demand with some of the best corporate & industrial clients.

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